A skilled and motivated software engineer with several years of experience developing software solutions ranging from corporate mid-tier applications, to games, to dynamic web sites for small businesses. Skilled at communicating ideas, managing people and assets, and fostering productive relationships with development partners.

Skills & Qualifications

Languages & Proficiencies: Java, Spring 3, C#, C/C++, ASP, PHP, JSP/Servlets, Javascript/AJAX, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, Android SDK, ActionScript, Flash, HTML5, XML, OpenGL, DirectX, HLSL

Software: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, JBuilder, JCreator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Acrobat, 3D Studio Max, Softimage XSI, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Flash MX, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Small Business Server, Mac OSX.

Professional Experience

DATA TECH SYSTEMS • Charlotte, NC - Software EngineerFebruary 2008 to Present

Design and develop various enterprise level web based applications using Agile/Scrum methodology, including TIS (Traffic Integration Service), an internal SOAP based web service that allows other departments to safely consume data from Development department databases. Use Java, Spring Framework, and JQuery to build various secure web applications, including internal administration tools, order fulfillment web services, warehouse shipping terminals, and streaming video delivery applications. Other responsibilities include maintenance of core enterprise frameworks.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR • Charlotte, NC - Developer / ConsultantSummer 2007 to February 2008

Developer, technical artist, and consultant for Black Leaf Games, LLC. Responsible for the design and implementation of application architecture for casual game projects using Microsoft’s XNA Framework (C# .NET).

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHARLOTTE • Charlotte, NC - Artist / DeveloperFall 2006 to Summer 2007

Serious Games development with the Urban Combat Testbed program sponsored by Dr. Michael Youngblood and funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the central research and development organization for the U.S. Department of Defense. Designed and implemented art assets for UCT environments, as well as test scenarios. Performed research into the use of neural network control of artificial agents, the development of discretization algorithms, and spatial reasoning techniques for use in complex 3D environments.

THE VANGUARD GROUP • Charlotte, NC - Software EngineerSpring 2005 to Fall 2006

Design and develop process improvement applications for Retail Systems, IT Division. Primary project is the Metrics SEPII, a mid-tier series of applications developed in Java, designed to collect software development metrics at build time. The accumulated data would then be presented to project managers and software developers via a website “dashboard” for the purposes of increasing awareness of development shortfalls, increasing efficiency, and improving overall productivity. Designed and implemented Java applications that would parse large XML files, and store that information in a relational database. Also designed Java Servlets used by the intranet dashboard to present collected metrics data to users via graphical displays. Our team also served as a test bed for integrating Agile development techniques into Vanguard’s development strategies.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science - Fall, 2008

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